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Unit Training Manager (UTM) FAQs

Additional information about the UTM user role can be found at the link below:

As a UTM, how do I manage training for my Functional Org?

The Unit Training Manager (UTM) Dashboard provides leadership users access to view the training performance of MOTAR users within their Functional Organization (i.e. squadron). The UTM Dashboard provides UTMs with complete unit oversight for all MOTAR courses. UTMs will have the ability to view and search by a specific course or user, select multiple courses, identify objectives, view assigned course status, and track a roster of all students and instructors assigned to their functional organization.

Why can't I see the UTM Dashboard?

The UTM Dashboard is only accessible by government users that have the UTM role assigned. It's found by navigating to the Insights service and selecting the DASHBOARD tab. Contact your Functional Org admin user if you require access.
Additional information regarding the UTM Dashboard can be found at the link below:

Where do I go to assign individual training tasks?

The Unit Training Tracker view allows the Unit Training Manager (UTM) to monitor total unit readiness and the individual readiness status of all members within their functional organization.
Specific instructions can be found at the link below: