How to Use the File Screening Process

The file upload and screening tool will launch when uploading content across the platform.

File Upload

Once a file is selected for upload on the MOTAR platform, the FILE SCREENING modal will launch. The first STATUS will be: UPLOADING FILE. If desired, CLICK the CANCEL button to cancel the upload.

Once uploaded, the status will change to: SCANNING...PLEASE WAIT.

If desired, the user can close the modal following the instructions here.

Once the file upload and screening is complete, the STATUS will change to: UPLOAD COMPLETE! CLICK the CLOSE link or the X icon to close the modal.

CLICK the CLOSE link or the X icon to close the modal.

The file name will now be listed next to the UPLOAD button, indicating the upload was successful.

Close the File Upload Modal While Scan in Progress

To close the FILE SCREENING modal, CLICK the X icon on the top right of the modal. A warning message will launch.

CLICK the CANCEL button to return to the FILE SCREENING modal or CLICK the I UNDERSTAND button to return to the main MOTAR screen. The file progress will be displayed as IN PROGRESS next to the file upload status.

If the user chooses to close the modal while the file screening is still in progress, they can NOT leave or refresh the MOTAR page until the file upload is complete. Doing so will result in the loss of all content that has not yet been successfully uploaded and scanned.

Check File Upload Status

If the FILE SCREENING modal was closed, CLICK the IN PROGRESS link to reopen the modal and check the status.

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