File Type: APK

You downloaded an APK for the Vive Focus 3, now what?

Getting Started

The Vive Focus 3 uses files called APKs to install apps. When interacting with an APK downloaded from MOTAR Hub, the developer can side-load the application to the Focus 3 device.

Please see the following link for more information:

How To Install An App

  1. Connect the headset to your computer using the USB Type-C port on the right side of the headset.

    The Choose USB mode dialog box will then appear in the headset.

  2. Select File transfer.

  3. In your computer, open a file management app such as File Explorer and navigate to VIVE Focus 3.

  4. Click Internal shared storage.

  5. Copy(or drag) the APK file to the Download folder.

  6. In the headset, go to Settings > Advanced.

  7. Turn on Install unknown apps.

  8. Select Storage > File browser.

  9. Navigate to the folder that contains the APK file.

  10. Select the APK file to install it.

  11. After installing an APK file, the app will appear in the Library.

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