AI Agent | Listing Type

AI Agent listings provide a guided lesson experience for the student user.


Studio users have access to the following listing types:

CLICK on the AI AGENT tile to begin the create listing process.


The listing creation page will launch with the INFO Tab displayed.

Clicking on the AI Agent icon in the Create New Listing UI will show this flow to the user. Starting with Info you are required to fill in these details to create your AI Agent listing. The Info page holds the Hub Listing Preview, this includes a thumbnail, AI agent name, and AI agent description. The user can also upload five preview images and two preview videos (pulled from the MOTAR Video application).


The user is required to select the type of AI Agent, Category, and Suggested Engine on this page.

Selecting "HUB Application" as your suggested engine will allow you to link an application to your AI Agent.


The user is required to upload a package on this page. After uploading the package the user will input the package name along with a version number and optional Installation Instructions.

After all required fields are filled in the user is required to click the Save Package button before continuing. Saving the package will display it in the table shown below.


The user is required to set platform-wide permissions for this listing using the Permission Wizard tool.

pageHow to Manage Listing Permissions


To edit the listing the user will click on the edit pencil icon. This will display the AI Agent settings page.

Editing the AI Agent listing allows the user to make changes to every page mentioned in the "create" flow.


To delete your AI Agent listing, CLICK on the TRASHCAN icon found on the right of the EDIT PENCIL icon.

To completely delete the listing, the user is required to type "delete" into the CONFIRM modal.

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