About MOTAR Fastlane - Rapid App Deployment

MOTAR Fastlane allows users to rapidly deploy applications on MOTAR for government use, ensuring compliance with regulations and security standards.

The first MOTAR Fastlane released supports Unity application deployment with Kubernetes coming in Summer / Fall 2024.

MOTAR Fastlane for Unity App Deployment


  • The goal of the process below is to ensure your Unity application will comply with government regulations and security standards and can be released to the production environment of MOTAR Live under our Authorization to Operate (ATO)

Detailed information on the Authorization to Operate (ATO) for MOTAR can be found at the link below:

pageMOTAR Authorization to Operate (ATO)

Some requirements include building for an approved headset, using MOTAR 3D to deliver the app, and using the Unity SDK for user authentication.

Purchase License:

  • Once the user purchases an appropriate Creator level license (see pricing at: https://www.dynepic.com/pages/pricing), Dynepic will contact the user to initiate the organization set up and evidence collection process.

A Creator Advanced or Creator Premium is required to be able to develop and deploy a Unity app on MOTAR.


  • The Cyber Impact Analysis (CIA) process will begin once the initial items provided have been approved.

  • After completing the initial documentation, users gain Appgate (VPN) access to the Studio service on MOTAR (IL4) Live. Through this access, they can download the Unity SDK and create an app listing.

A welcome email will be sent out to the user with instructions on how to access Appgate.

Create App Listing on MOTAR:

  • The user logs into MOTAR (IL4) Live, navigates to the Studio service, creates a new app, and downloads the MOTAR Unity SDK from the Studio tab.

Detailed information on creating an app listing can be found at the link below:

pageChapter 3 | Create Sandbox App Listing

Install MOTAR Unity SDK:

  • The user will install the SDK from the Unity Editor, log into the MOTAR SDK, and connect the app to MOTAR using the MOTAR SDK Connection Wizard

The minimum required version to use the MOTAR Unity SDK is Unity 2020.3.X+

Detailed information on installing the MOTAR Unity SDK can be found at the link below:

pageChapter 2 | Install MOTAR Unity SDK

Detailed information on connecting the app to Unity can be found at the link below:

pageChapter 6 | Connect App to Unity

Applications must include MOTAR's secure user authentication which is easy to enable with the MOTAR Unity SDK


The user will be able to request a build and test their capability within our Sandbox.

MOTAR Hub Release Guidelines:

App Submission:

  • When the user is ready to upload code files they can reach out to Dynepic and a secure upload link will be sent. The user's files will be scanned and if approved, made ready to build.

A Dynepic representative can be reached through email at motar@dynepic.com or via MOTAR Chat. Please see your Welcome Email for instructions to access.

  • To build, click the “Build on MOTAR” button in the Unity SDK. The build and scan process will begin.

  • Once the scans pass and the user's listing on Studio is complete, they can submit the app for initial approval. Once approved, the user may begin testing the app in Sandbox.

  • When the user is ready to deploy, they can promote the app to production, triggering the final approval process.

By this stage, all cybersecurity documentation should be finalized, with assistance provided by a Dynepic representative.

AO Review:

  • At this point we will finish collecting the items needed for the Cyber Impact Analysis (CIA).

  • This will be reviewed by the Configuration Control Board (CCB).

  • Then the package will be submitted to the AO for review.

A Dynepic representative may reach out through email or MOTAR Chat to request additional information during the review process.

App Approval:

  • Once the user's app is approved by the AO, it will be automatically listed in the HUB as a production app. Changes to production apps are restricted and require review and potential re-approval.


Scans & Updates:

  • The user may need to update their Unity app to address security vulnerabilities, add new features, and enhance performance.

  • The user must stay informed about any changes to government regulations or platform requirements that may impact their app.

Monthly security scans are performed on apps to look for new vulnerabilities.


Steps required to deploy to the MOTAR Unity Fastlane:

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