How to Report Content

How To Report A Listing

This guide covers reporting a listing on MOTAR Hub.
1. Report This Listing A user can report a HUB listing by clicking on "Report This Listing" found on the listings detail page. After reporting the listing the user will see the report listing modal. This modal asks the user "Why are you reporting this listing?" Below the prompt, you will see a dropdown, where you can "choose a reason" to report the listing.
2. Choose the reason for reporting The user has the option of three different reasons, to report the HUB listing.
Each reporting option will display this message to the user: We take all copyright concerns seriously. We urge you to first contact the publisher and try to work the issue out. If you believe that a publisher has violated a copyright you hold please contact our legal department directly at [email protected]. We’ll ask for some confirming information, review your claim, and then take the appropriate action.
Other: Will allow the user to input concerns. 3. Submit the report After submitting the user report, it will be pushed to a platform admin for further review.