MOTAR Services

MOTAR features 10 enterprise services that work seamlessly across the platform and through the open APIs/SDKs for XR companies to take advantage of in their applications and training experiences.


The MOTAR Portal is accessible to Government personnel and is their primary interface to MOTAR. It allows users to discover available apps, navigate to MOTAR to access immersive learning and courses, join communities, and connect and collaborate with colleagues all from a single user dashboard.

FOR: Gov Users

Portal | MOTAR Service Overview


A central hub for apps uploaded by 3rd party developers that includes applications, authoring tools, 3D models, individual lessons, AI plug-ins, and Company Showcase Pages.

FOR: Gov Users

Hub | MOTAR Service Overview


The Communities service on MOTAR consolidates Company Showcase Pages for government and third-party contractor organizations on MOTAR. Communities can interact and communicate with their members by sharing videos and posts. Additionally, Company Showcase Pages provide government and third-party contractors the ability to exhibit their organization and content on the MOTAR platform.

FOR: Gov Users

Communities | MOTAR Service Overview


MOTAR Training supports AR/VR tools and platform linked apps, providing a Full Learning Management tied to platform users' base and developer tools. Seamlessly develop, host, store, and link content to real courses all in one place! MOTAR also provides a native Learning Records Store (LRS) that is connected to MOTAR Training, the Airmen Learning Record and third-party ecosystem applications via APIs.

FOR: Students, Instructors, Course Managers, Instructional Designers, and Observers (3rd Party Companies and USAF)

Training | MOTAR Service Overview


Users will be able to collaborate more effectively in the chat space to share new ideas, current projects, and securely communicate in real-time with individual and group messages.

FOR: Gov Users

Chat | MOTAR Service Overview


MOTAR Video allows users to upload, share and view traditional or 360 videos from a central location.

FOR: Gov Users

Video | MOTAR Service Overview


MOTAR Studio allows developers, both USAF personnel and 3rd party vendors / contractors, to quickly create, link, and distribute their applications for outside platforms using low-code studio tools & multi-language SDKs. Low-code developer tools makes it fast to launch connected apps securely powered with user profiles and GovCloud storage.

Studio | MOTAR Service Overview


Provides leadership users access to view the training performance of MOTAR users within their Functional Organization (i.e. squadron).

FOR: Gov Users

Insights | MOTAR Service Overview


MOTAR Devices allows users to sync a device to their MOTAR account. Once the initial sync is complete, the user will create a pin code to simplify authentication of the synced device during future uses

FOR: Gov Users and 3rd party vendors/contractors

Devices | MOTAR Service Overview

MOTAR Admin Service provides a limited set of Government Users with full control of the MOTAR platform in regards to account creation, user and listing moderation, app and SCORM approvals, and MIAB configuration.


Well-documented open APIs and SDKs for 3rd party developers.

FOR: All Users and 3rd Party Developers

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