How to Distribute Your App

Your app is built, now what do you do?


In this section, we will walk you through the process of using MOTAR to distribute your existing application, including how to connect your app to LMS. This demo will also walk you through the process of distributing your application to the Government Personnel.

End Goals

At the end of the process you will be able to:

  • Add your app to MOTAR

  • Connect your app to the MOTAR Training (LMS)

  • Make your app discoverable to the Government Personnel


You will need to have an account with Studio access.

Distribution Steps

Application Permission Setup

Go to Studio. Create a new Sandbox App.

Please note that the Authentication and Profile permission scopes were added by default.

If connecting to LMS, include Training and Leaderboard permission scopes.

  • Add additional information as needed.

Proceed to the next set of steps to test authentication and permissions. If you do not need to connect your app to LMS, skip the next set of steps and proceed with releasing your app.

Authentication and Permission Testing

  1. Set up Sandbox Users. We will use sandbox users to test authentication and permissions.

  2. Reference MOTAR documentation API and SDKs on how to test your implementations.

  3. Implement APIs and test authentication with sandbox users.

  4. Use Lighting Database API to store data and debug with Data Browser.

  5. Auto Auth (auto-login without the user having to reenter their username and password).

  6. Use a sandbox user who has instructor permissions to log in to the MOTAR sandbox.

  7. With Instructor's permission, create a mock course and add your app to it. See steps here on how to create mock courses.

  8. Now log in as a student and verify that the student learning data is being properly reported.

Upload App

  1. Go to Distribution.

  2. When you are ready to release your app, add your app to Production.

  3. Switch your API endpoint to

  4. Notify your MOTAR administrator and wait for your app to be approved.

  5. Once you have received a notification that your app has been approved, make your app more accessible by adding your app to the Community listing.

  6. Navigate to Apps and search for your app in the Available Apps input field.

  7. Your app is now discoverable.

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