How to Report a Listing

Users can report listings on MOTAR Hub for platform Administrators to review.

From MOTAR Hub, find the listing that you want to report and navigate to the HUB LISTING page. At the bottom of the page, CLICK the REPORT THIS LISTING link.

A REPORT LISTING modal will open, CLICK the dropdown arrow to view reasons for “Why are you reporting this listing?”. Selections include: “There’s a problem with this listing”, “It uses my intellectual property without permission”, or “Other…”.

SELECT an option that best fits the reason for the report. Selecting “Other…” will prompt users to fill out a text field detailing their concerns. All selections will prompt the following text to appear on the REPORT LISTING modal: “We take all copyright concerns seriously. We urge you to first contact the publisher and try to work the issue out. If you believe that a publisher has violated a copyright you hold please contact our legal department directly at We’ll ask for some confirming information, review your claim, and then take the appropriate action.”

After a reason has been selected, CLICK the SUBMIT button to send the report for Administrative review. If you do not want to send a report CLICK the X button to close the report without submitting it.

After report submission, a MOTAR Administrator will be able to review the report and take subsequent action if required to SUSPEND the listing.

Suspended: Suspended listings will be removed from the MOTAR Hub and will be unable to be searched for or accessed.

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