MOTAR Platform Overview

Powering an open ecosystem for training in the US Military.
MOTAR received an Authorization to Operate (ATO-c) through AETC on 25 January 2023.
The MOTAR IL4 environment will open at MOTAR.AF.MIL in Spring 2023.
MOTAR.AF.MIL is approved for Impact Level 4 (IL4) data, to include a process to deliver third party content (apps, lessons, AI, etc.) and deliver courses to VR headsets.


The Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports (MOTAR) platform is the USAF’s exclusive white-label of Dynepic’s DX Platform. MOTAR has all the platform services needed to power immersive training in a secure & open ecosystem with full identity and data management.


Service Breakdown & List

MOTAR features 11 enterprise services that work seamlessly across the platform and through the open APIs/SDKs for XR companies to take advantage of in their applications and training experiences.
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