An overview of all SCORM functionality available in MOTAR Services can be found at the link below:

pageHow to Add SCORM Module (Beta)

What version of SCORM is supported by the MOTAR Platform?

MOTAR is currently designed to support SCORM 2004 (4th Edition). Unfortunately at this time MOTAR offers limited support for non-standard SCORM packages, but support for older versions will be coming soon.

For more information on SCORM package versioning see the link here.

How do I upload SCORM to MOTAR?

Head over to SCORM | Listing Type Subcategory to learn more!

How do I add a SCORM Module to a Course?

Check out How to Add SCORM Modules for more detailed instructions!

Where can I find previously uploaded SCORM packages?

If you are looking for a SCORM package previously uploaded by you or your Studio Organization, make sure to check the My Listings page in MOTAR Studio or take a look in MOTAR Hub to view all available SCORM listings. Check out How to Discover Listings to find out more!

How do I view student scoring results for SCORM packages on MOTAR?

For more information see our page on the Instructor Dashboard where xAPI Results can be viewed.

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