My Record

ACCESS: Government Personnel has access to MOTAR Training as students, instructors, or course managers.

The My Record Page (ALR - Airmen Learning Record) can be found under the Student Dashboard.


My Record page displays the rank, first name, last name, and middle initial of the user based on their MOTAR Portal profile. The Rank is automatically populated based on the value in the Military Grade field on their MOTAR Portal profile.

Additionally, My Record encompasses all aspects of a user's training, readiness, and duty history. Members will be able to search courses they are actively participating in and view current objectives, class rank, badges, current score, and an overall skill level for that course. An overview of previously completed courses is also available for members to view.


Training Analytics will provide users with a comprehensive analysis of their "In Progress", "Completed" and "Upcoming" courses as well as displaying the number of objectives within the category.

A career overview will be provided to each service member and will display relevant information based on their individual accomplishments.

Badge Assertions

Badge Assertions with Badge Proficiency can be found on the left side of My Record under Badge Assertions. By selecting View All, the user will see all of their Badge Assertions with additional details, including Badge Proficiency.

Badge Assertions with Badge Proficiency can also be found under Training by navigating to an In Progress or Completed course and selecting the dropdown arrow to expand the course details.

Additional Info

Additional info is set through AI Plugins. Using the API linked below.

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