Contact Support Desk via MOTAR Chat Service (Beta)

All users (Vendors and Government) will be able to contact the Support Desk Team via MOTAR Chat.

Support Desk Hours are as follows: Monday - Friday | 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST

This information can also be found pinned to the top of the Chat Service

Message the MOTAR Support Desk Team

Contractors will only have access to support desk messages, but not direct messages to other users.

To send a message to the Support Desk Team, CLICK the + button next to the SUPPORT DESK option on the left panel.

A modal will launch, asking what account type the user would like to use to send the message to the Support Desk Team.

CLICK the SELECT button to open a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu will show a minimum of one option: MYSELF. In addition, it will show any Studio Groups or Functional Orgs the user is a member of.

It is important to note that if Studio Group or Functional Org account types are selected, ALL members of the Studio Group/Functional Org will be able to see and participate in the message with the Support Desk Team (the message will not be private).

If the user desires to send a private message to the Support Desk Team, they must SELECT the MYSELF option as the account type.

SELECT the desired ACCOUNT TYPE from the dropdown menu. Then CLICK the BEGIN CHAT button.

A new message has been created on the left panel. Messages can now be sent between the selected account type and the Support Desk Team.

For more information on how to use the Chat Service, visit the link here.

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