Student Dashboard



As a student, my dashboard tab will display statistics on active courses, overdue tasks, tasks to complete, and a login week streak.


The Calendar can be found on the right side of the student dashboard. This module displays tasks assigned to the student-created by the student or an instructor. The student can see a task's status displayed on the calendar by color "listed below the calendar"

Task Summary

Task Summary can be found to the right of the Course List. Task Summary contains a list of active tasks assigned to the student-created by the student or an instructor. The student can mark the task as complete and create a new task from their dashboard. By selecting See all in the Task Summary students can edit active tasks, mark active tasks as complete, and create new tasks.

Course List

Below the student statistics, a course list is shown to the user with the option to filter between "In Progress, Expired, Upcoming, Completed, and All" courses. As a student only courses you are a part of will be shown here. Selecting a course from this list will redirect the student to a detailed course view found on the Courses tab.


Course Details

At the top of the user's page, you will see a course preview image, name, description, a continue this course button along with statistics on the right. These statistics are tracked during active classes/time spent viewing the course lesson modules.

Student Journey

Clicking continue this course will take the user to the student journey, this page displays the course in the format shown below, here the student can launch lesson modules (starting progress in the course).

Students can navigate levels using the left < or right > icons found on each side of the Level information.

Course Modules

As a student clicking Back while viewing the student journey page will present the user with this screen found below the course details documented above. Here a student can view Course Modules, Additional Training Material, and Course Objectives. Course Modules shows the user the course lesson/level module structure.

Additional Training Material

Additional Training Material shows the student any extra content related to the course uploaded by the instructor. This can include links and document uploads.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives are linked to course modules to track student progress/expertise level. Here the student will see a Course Summary listing all course objectives.

Student Notes

As a student, you can add a note to any lesson module for the instructor's viewing. To create a note, click the plus button found on the right of the student note box. From the dropdown select a Module, type your note below and click add.

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