How to Manage Course Managers

The Course Creator or Course Manager(s) can add and remove additional Course Manager(s) within the course.


To add additional Course Manager(s), CLICK the COURSE MANAGERS tab.

Course Managers will have access to manage all classes and course versions.

To add a new course manager, CLICK the ADD COURSE MANAGER button.

SEARCH for the desired COURSE MANAGER'S name or handle. SELECT the + ICON next to the user's name.

Multiple course managers can be added before continuing to the next step.

CLICK the ADD COURSE MANAGER(S) button to add the course manager(s) to the course.

The added student(s) will be displayed on the course’s Course Managers tab.


To delete a Course Manager from a course, CLICK the X button on the far right of their row in the COURSE MANAGER table.

The CONFIRM ACTION modal will launch. CLICK the CONFIRM button to delete the Course Manager.

The modal will close and the Course Manager will no longer be listed.

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