Plugin Types

AI Plugin

This plugin gives permission to access and connect User Records API, Badge Info API, Hobbies & Other Skills API, and Mission Planner API to get and set parameters.

CAC Plugin

This plugin gives permission to configure and authenticate CAC Association API requests in MOTAR Studio.

ATO Plugin

This plugin gives permission to create and configure Quick ATO API requests in MOTAR Studio.

Authenticating Plugin Requests

Plugin requests are authenticated using a shared secret, specifically the unique Client Secret generated by your plugin. The MOTAR API expects inbound and outbound plugin requests to be authenticated this way.

To generate an authentication token for a plugin requests, use the following algorithm.

  1. Concatenate your client ID and client secret with a : character between them.

  2. Base 64 encode the resulting string.

  3. In your plugin request, attach the following header: Basic <your base-64 encoded string>

When you receive a MOTAR plugin request, the API will follow the above algorithm as well. You should implement your own authentication check against the token to ensure that the request originates securely from the MOTAR API.

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