A special type of Portal User who can create courses, add students, and view student training content.

About this Role

The Instructor user role is a special type of Portal User who has access to instructor tools, dashboard, and MOTAR course Creator on the Training Service.

The Instructor user role is currently granted by Dynepic Admins. Contact us if the role is required:

pageContact Us!

Required Access Group License

Government members only

Primary Features Accessible by this Role

As an Instructor, users have access to many unique features within the MOTAR Services. Detailed information about some of these features and how to utilize them can be found via the public documentation link below.

pageInstructor Tools

Manage Course Certificates

In the Instructor Dashboard, instructors can create, edit, and assign course certificates that include the Certificate Name, active period in days, and a description of the certificate. To learn more, access the link below.

pageHow to Manage Course Certifications

To learn more, access the Instructor FAQs page:

pageInstructor FAQs

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