MIAB - Local Configuration

MIAB Settings can be configured locally from the Devices service on the Configure MIAB tab by the MIAB Settings Managers.

The initial setup will need to be configured by an Admin when a new box is added. During this time the first MIAB Settings Manager can be assigned. Additional MIAB Settings Managers can be added either in Admin or on the box itself once the initial setup is complete.

Cloud Connection Settings

A MIAB Settings Manager can control data synchronization by enabling or disabling Sync between the box and the cloud. It's important to note that data will only sync when this option is toggled on and the user is connected to the internet.

The sync status icon can be viewed in the top right of the MOTAR Web header.

MIAB Settings Manager

This section allows users set to MIAB Settings Manager to add or remove additional users to the MIAB Settings Manager Role.

There should always be at least one MIAB Settings Manager set. Users cannot delete themselves from the MIAB Settings Manager role.

Features Coming Soon!

  • Update

  • Notifications

  • Listing Sync Settings

  • Allowed Devices

  • Storage Information

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