Mission Planner AI Plugins

The MOTAR Mission Planner uses AI Plugins to enable airmen to find competencies for mission positions and partially or fully qualified candidates to fill the positions.

Only the "leadership" roles have the ability to see the Mission Planner tool from the leadership dashboard in MOTAR Insights service.

Create Mission

Navigate to the MISSIONS tab of MOTAR Insights. SELECT the CREATE NEW MISSION button.

Populate the text fields as outlined below:

  • Mission Title

  • Mission Location

  • Description

  • Mission Thumbnail (Optional)

Once the fields have been filled, SELECT the SAVE & CLOSE button once complete.

Request Candidates

SELECT the ADD ANOTHER POSITION button Populate the form as outlined below:

  • Position Title

  • Proficiency

  • Match (Checked or Unchecked)

  • AFSC

    • Supports Wildcard Search

      • To search for an AFSC, use the full AFSC designator or partial AFSC designation using an "X" in place of missing characters to complete a search.

      • An "X" can be used for all characters of an AFSC to broaden the search criteria

  • Amount

AFSC and Position Title are required fields.

Repeat for all positions that need candidates. Once all positions have been added, SELECT the SAVE buttton.

AI Competency search results will vary dependent on the AI Plugin selection. The plugin name can be used to select the appropriate competency search for the positions needing to be filled.


SELECT the AI PLUGIN in the SELECT PLUGIN dropdown menu. SELECT the OK button to run the AI Plugin.

Once the list of competencies populates for each position, the user has the option to update the Minimum Requirements and Preferred Requirements for each competency listed.

Add A Competency

CLICK on the ADD A COMPETENCY button. The Add Competency modal will display giving the user the option to select a competency.

Available competencies are returned from the AI Plugin selected during the search.

SELECT a competency and CLICK the ADD button. The competency will display on the Request table.

Search for Candidates

SELECT the SEARCH FOR CANDIDATES button to run the Candidate Search and be directed to the list of candidates on the ASSIGN tab.

MOTAR Suggestions

By selecting the MOTAR SUGGESTIONS button, the MOTAR SUGGESTIONS search function will run, and you will be directed to a list of candidate recommendations returned by MOTAR on the ASSIGN tab. The MOTAR SUGGESTIONS search uses the user-input Position Title and returns candidates as possible matches based on associated skills, hobbies, education, etc.

Assign Candidates

From the ASSIGN tab, select the ASSIGN CANDIDATES button to view a list of users that meet Fully Mission Capable (FMC) and the users that Partially Mission Capable (PMC) for the position.

Select the + Assign button under the ASSIGN column for each associated user that should be assigned to the position.

If a user is incorrectly selected, select the - Remove button under the ASSIGN column to remove the user from being assigned to the position. The STATUS column for the position will update the quantity of unfilled positions based on the selection of users under Available Candidates.

SELECT the SAVE button once the user(s) to assign are selected.

View Manifest

Select the MANIFEST tab to view the Manifest of assigned candidates for the mission positions, including the candidate status.

Edit Mission

From any tab on the Mission Planner, select the SETTINGS button. SELECT the EDIT MISSION button in the dropdown selection.

Edit the text fields that need to be changed for the Mission. SELECT the SAVE & CLOSE button to complete the changes.

Delete Mission

From any tab on the Mission Planner, select the SETTINGS button. SELECT the DELETE MISSION button in the dropdown selection.

SELECT the CONFIRM button in the pop-up window to delete the mission.

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