How to Manage Studio Group Showcase Page

Manage Showcase


The Showcase page helps platform companies organize important data on one page. The showcase page gives users easy access to listing and member information. it should display before: The Showcase Page is automatically created when the Studio Organization is created. Each Studio organization has the option to manage a showcase page. The manage showcase button is found at the top of My Listings on MOTAR Studio.


Clicking Manage Showcase will redirect the user to the Showcase Page Settings Page. On this page, the user can update the Showcase page name. The Showcase handle is auto-generated and the remaining fields can be populated: Company Short Description, Company About Us, etc...

As a user, you can update your company icon and showcase banner images in this section of the showcase edit page: Click to open your device's file browser, and select an image for upload.

Preview Images

Upload five optional preview images to your showcase page. Following the required specifications:

  • Filetype: .jpg, .png

  • Proportions: 1070x900

  • Max 5 Images

Staff Members

Staff Members are populated based on user accounts within your studio org. As a user, you can toggle staff member accounts, deciding who should/shouldn't show on the showcase page.



Save & Publish

After completing the showcase page, the showcase page will populate on MOTAR Communities & HUB.

Clicking on "View Page" will launch your company showcase page. Here you will see all the information you entered under "Manage Showcase".


The company showcase page will display all listings uploaded to HUB all in one place. This showcase page allows the end-user to quickly discover your content.

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