How to Manage Module Settings

Once a module is added to the course, module settings can be adjusted to set prerequisites, expected module completion time, scoring criteria, and determine visibility.

Once a module is added to the course, module settings are managed using the icons on the far right of the module row.

Re-arranging Module Order

Once created, modules can be easily re-arranged moved within the Level.

CLICK and HOLD the DRAG indicator (6 dots) next to the module number.

DRAG the MODULE to the desired location in the module.

Once in the correct location, release the mouse button to DROP to MODULE.

The Level's module numbers will automatically update to reflect the change.


This functionality allows the instructor to require that modules be completed in a predetermined order or that other modules be completed prior to the student advancing in a course.

The prerequisites can be configured by SELECTING the LOCK icon.

The MODULE PREREQUISITES modal will luanch.

CHECK the BOX for all module(s) that must be completed prior to the student advancing to the module currently being modified.

Once all prerequisites have been checked, CLICK the APPLY button.

If previously unlocked, the lock icon will now be displayed as locked.

Expected Completion Time

This functionality allows the instructor to define an Expected Completion Time for modules.

The user can set the expected completion time by SELECTING the HOURGLASS icon.

The SET EXPECTED COMPLETE TIME modal will launch.

CHECK the CHECKBOX to provide an expected completion time for the module.

POPULATE the TEXT FIELD with the expected completion time (measured in minutes).

CLICK the SUBMIT button.

The HOURGLASS icon will be updated to display the expected completion time.


The user can toggle between pass/fail and point-based scoring by SELECTING the P/F icon. This will present the user with the Pass/Fail modal for configuration.

Pass/Fail (P/F)

As an instructor, the user can use pass/fail module scoring on instructor-graded assessments. This will allow the instructor to either pass the entire module or fail the entire module with no point calculation required.

Point-Based Scoring

As an instructor, the user can configure point-based scoring on the instructor-graded module. This will set a point threshold required to pass the module.

How to Use Instructor Graded Assessments

Additional instructions about configuring pass/fail and point-based scoring can be found at this link.

Visibility (Applies to Child Modules Only

Child Modules can be marked as VISIBLE or HIDDEN. HIDDEN child modules will not be visible to students when taking the course. For example, course managers may chose to hide instructor graded assessments so they are only accessible by Instructors during the course.

The user can toggle child module visibility by SELECTING the EYE icon (this is the default child module visibility setting indicating the module is VISIBLE).

Once selected, the icon will change to an eye with a slash, indicating the child module is HIDDEN.

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