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About MOTAR Listings

Content shared on MOTAR Hub is first created and managed in Studio.


MOTAR Studio supports standard listing types such as documents, audio and video files, while also supporting more complex types such as the ones described below.

How to Manage Listings

Specific information regarding managing each listing type can be found by accessing the links below:
App listings allow user to create two types of apps: Sandbox (can only interact with test data for testing integration) and Production (live in the MOTAR network).
There are two types of Instructor Tool listings: Creator Tools (used to highlight existing features in an application) and Course Evaluation Tools (used to assess performance based on course and class).
Video listings allow users to upload Standard of 360 video files that can be managed by specified studio groups or solely for personal use.
Model listings allow users to share FBX, GLB, and GLTF file types.
AI Agent listings provide a guided lesson experience for the student user.
MapPack listings allow users to share FBX, GLB, and GLTF packages that can be displayed on Windows (.exe) or Android (.apk) platforms.
Communities listings allow government users to create an official community organization associated with their Studio Group. Once created, admins of the new official organization can invite members and leaders, and assign roles such as Unit Training Manager and Leader.
Audio listings allow users to upload and share audio files.
Document listings allow users to upload and share documents, as well as create Journal listings (Document listing subcategory).