How to Add Audio Module

The Audio module allows the instructor to use videos uploaded under their studio organization as a module.

SELECT the + AUDIO button insert an audio module.

INPUT the preferred LESSON NAME in the ADD AUDIO NAME field.

To upload an audio file, users can take two actions:

Upload New Audio File

If the user wants to add a new Audio File that is not currently published on MOTAR Hub, CLICK the UPLOAD FILE button to select the desired audio file. A warning modal will launch advising that the user will be re-directed to MOTAR Studio to upload an audio listing.

Once redirected to MOTAR Studio, full instructions regarding creating an Audio Listing can be found at the link below:

pageAudio | Listing Type

Once the Audio Listing is created, users will continue with step 2 below to add the listing to the Audio Module.

Add Pre-existing Audio File from MOTAR Hub

SEARCH for an AUDIO ASSET already published to MOTAR Hub. Once found, CLICK the SELECT AUDIO button to add the Audio Listing to the module.

CLICK the ADD AUDIO button to save all changes.

The module has now been added to the course. Instructions regarding how to manage module settings (to include re-arranging the module order) can be found at the link below:

pageHow to Manage Module Settings

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