How to Navigate MOTAR Web

Looks like this is your first time here! Let’s take a moment to learn about navigating the different services MOTAR Web has to offer.

Below are short descriptions of each of MOTAR's Services, which can be accessed using the dropdown menu found on the left side of the navigation menu.

Services are permission and role based and may not be accessible to everyone.

CLICKING the v down arrow on the right side of the navigation menu (to the right of your user profile handle and picture) will open a menu to contact Support or Log Out.

You can find tutorials related to the service you are currently viewing by CLICKING the ? Help menu icon on the main navigation.

To view additional information or tutorials regarding MOTAR services, visit the public documentation page (where we are now) or launch the First Time User Experience.

Information regarding how to navigate MOTAR's public documentation can be found at the link below:

First Time User Experience

When visiting MOTAR Hub, Studio, Training, and Devices services for the first time, the user will be shown a pop-up that walks them through the features within the MOTAR Service. At any point the user can exit out of this tutorial window by CLICKING the X in the top right corner or skip the tutorial by CLICKING the SKIP button.

Tutorials related to the service currently being viewing cay be found by CLICKING the QUESTION MARK ICON on the main navigation and SELECTING the TUTORIALS FOR <SERVICE NAME> option from the dropdown menu.

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