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How to load an Android App with an APK File To An Android Mobile Device

Step 1 - Download APK

LOGIN to MOTAR HUB to view your available applications from your Android Device.

CLICK on "Apps" from the filter dropdown

FIND the application you wish to download

CLICK on the Android mobile icon under "Download Options"

You should use the android device you want the app installed on to complete Step 1. Otherwise, you will need to use another method to transfer it to the device such as Google Drive or Email.

Other methods to install APK: Add the APK to google drive and share it or directly email the APK to your specific user to install.

*Note* It's important to make sure the APK is downloaded to your android devices system files. Trying to directly install/stage the APK from google drive will not work. Possible returned error message: there was a problem parsing the package. Downloading it to the device avoids this issue.

Step 2 - Install APK

Once the APK is installed on your device, tap on it and you will be taken through the APK installation process provided by the Android OS.

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