How to Navigate Public Documentation

MOTAR's Public Documentation provides users in-depth information, instructions, and tutorials about the platform.

MOTAR's Public Documentation is broken into six sections, where users can find in-depth information, instructions, and tutorials about the platform and MOTAR Services.

This section includes overview information about the MOTAR Platform, it's Services, and ecosystem branding.

This section is where the MOTAR Product Manager posts highlight of the most recent software releases and features that are currently in development.

New to MOTAR or in need of a refresher? This section explains how to get started on the platform, the different user roles and access group licenses available, provides an overview of MOTAR Services and Listing types, and more.

In-depth tutorials and instructions for how to use MOTAR's features can be found in this section.

Developers can find in-depth instructions for use to use MOTAR's developer tools in this section, to include the MOTAR API, SDK, and ATO.

Still in need of assistance? Common FAQs can be found in this section, in addition to contact information for the Dynepic Support Desk team.

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