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A robust Learning Management System (LMS) linked to the platform's asset repository and XR capabilities.

About This Service

MOTAR is more than just a simple Learning Management System (LMS) - through MOTAR Hub and Training, course managers, content creators, and instructional designers can seamlessly develop, host, store, and link content to real courses all in one place!

MOTAR also provides a native Learning Records Store (LRS) that is connected to MOTAR Training and the Airmen Learning Record. MOTAR's LRS serves as a repository for all learning records collected from MOTAR Training and third-party ecosystem applications via APIs. MOTAR's LRS stores all training systems and application data that are connected to MOTAR.

MOTAR platform applications that use the Training API Scopes can be linked-to course lessons, executed by students, and have scores effortlessly reported to the dashboards. The MOTAR platform also generates Certificates of Completion when a student successfully meets the criteria for course completion to aid in record keeping.

First Time User Experience

When they visit the Training service for the first time, the user will be shown a pop-up that walks them through the features within Training. At any point the user can exit out of this tutorial window by CLICKING the X in the top right corner or skip the tutorial by CLICKING the SKIP button. The tutorial can be revisited by CLICKING the question mark icon in the top navigation bar and SELECTING the TUTORIALS FOR TRAINING .


MOTAR Training is available to Government Personnel as students, instructors, course managers, or observers (3rd Party Companies and USAF).

MOTAR Studio only users (3rd party vendors) can be granted course observer permissions by the course manager.

MOTAR Studio users are provided a MOTAR Training sandbox ( to test and debug their apps (see more information here). MOTAR Training sandbox is logged into with sandbox users generated in Studio.


  • Instructor Dashboard

  • Student Dashboard

  • Student Airman Learning Record (ALR)

  • Create, take, and manage courses

  • Earn certificates upon course completion

  • Create and download Instructor reports

How to Use Service Features

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