Swift DXError

Enum representing the possible errors that can be returned by the SDK.

public enum DXError


public enum SSO: Error
case ssoFailed(message: String)


public enum API: Error
case failedToMakeRequest(message: String)
case requestFailed(errorCode: API.ErrorCode, description: String)
case requestFailedForUnknownReason(message: String)
case unableToDeserializeResult(message: String)
case unableToDeserializeResponse


public enum ErrorCode: Int
//  400 - Bad request
case unspecifiedBadRequest
case parameterMissing
case duplicateResource
case validationError
case incorrectUserType
case parametersUnusable
case actionImpossible
case aboveDataLimit
case tokenAlreadyUsed
case contentFlaggedForModeration
//  401 - Unauthorized
case tokenRefreshRequired
case invalidCredentials
case apiKeyInvalid
case accountUnderModeration
case insufficientPermissions
case authorizationCodeMalformed
case authorizationMissing
case requestedScopeNotRegistered
case notificationsNotEnabledForDevice
//  403 - Forbidden
case userAttemptedUnathorizedAction
case authorizationRequestMissingParameter
case authorizationTokenInvalid
case anonymousUserAttemptedUnauthorizedAction
//  404 - Not Found
case resourceNotFound
//  409 - Conflict
case alreadyExists
//  410 - Gone
case raffleEnded
case raffleNotStarted
//  429 - Raffle
case tooManyRaffleRequests
//  451 - Privacy Policy
case adultParentOutdatedPrivacyPolicy
case kidOutdatedPrivacyPolicy
//  500 - Internal Server Error
case unspecifiedInternalError
case failedToSaveData
case failedToUpdateData
case internalProcessFailed
case internalDataMissingOrCorrupted
case partnerProcessFailed
// 505 - HTTP Version Not Supported
case appVersionNotSupported

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