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Interact and communicate with other user groups and share assets to enhance collaborative efforts.

About this Service

The Communities service on MOTAR consolidates Company Showcase Pages for government and third-party contractor organizations on MOTAR. A Company Showcase Page is a dedicated page in Communities for government and third-party contractors to exhibit their organization and content on the MOTAR platform. Communities will also be used for government users to learn more about the third-party contractors on the platform and find their contact information. Company Showcase Pages are automatically created when a studio organization is added to the system.

Communities are permission-based groups managed in MOTAR Studio and accessible by users on MOTAR Portal. They allow you to engage a group of MOTAR users directly.


    • Share messages to all community members

    • Distribute applications for a community only curated app listing

    • Connect with the other members


MOTAR Communities is available to government users. Company Showcase Pages can be managed within MOTAR Studio by the Studio organization admin users.

Foreign Users do not have access to MOTAR Communities


  • Discover organizations, both government and third-party contractors, on MOTAR

    • View organization details such as:

      • About Us

      • Contact Info

      • Staff Members

        • Users from the organization that are on MOTAR

      • Listings

        • Active listings on MOTAR Hub

How to Use Service Features

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