Developer How-To

Developers have access to unique MOTAR features.

How to Use Developer Tools


Use the MOTAR Lab to learn how to build, link, and deploy an application on MOTAR with student metrics sent back to MOTAR Training (LMS).

How to Use the MOTAR Unity SDK

Check out the features offered by MOTAR Unity SDK that can be integrated into application development.


Build an application on the MOTAR platform using the programming language SDK of choice.


The MOTAR API is available without an SDK wrapper if developers wish to consume it directly.

How to Integrate with MOTAR Services

Developers can integrate with MOTAR Services through features such as the Event Set module within courses, use of Training APIs, and more.

How to Install MOTAR Hub Applications

This section explains how to install an application from the MOTAR Hub.

How to Use Sandbox

The MOTAR Sandbox is a MOTAR test environment used by MOTAR Studio users to test and debug application or training scenarios that use the MOTAR Training scope.

MOTAR Authorization to Operate (ATO)

Dynepic has officially secured Authorization To Operate (ATO) from the USAF for MOTAR, its delivery, analysis, and reporting platform created to modernize enterprise-wide training infrastructure.

Developer User Role

Additional information about the Developer user role can be found at the link below.

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To learn more, access the Developer FAQs page:

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