MOTAR SDK Connection Wizard

The MOTAR SDK Connection Wizard simplifies developer interaction between the Sandbox dashboard and the user's app.


The MOTAR SDK Connection Wizard allows the user to quickly interact with all pre-created (or staged) MOTAR Sandbox data. Using the wizard, users can easily:

  • access a list of Sandbox users and instructors

  • select classes and courses from a dropdown menu

  • use the SDK to associate (or log in) as a Sandbox user within 2 clicks

  • pull app data to include app icon and client keys (id & secret)

MOTAR SDK Connection Wizard

1. ACCESS Unity Hub and launch the user's Project. Click on the MOTAR SDK (top-window tab) and select Connection Wizard.

2. AUTHENTICATE with the user's MOTAR production account.

The user's MOTAR production account login will be their specific username and password. Do not attempt to login with Sandbox user accounts, as this will flag an error.

3. SELECT the user's APPLICATION from the dropdown and CLICK NEXT.

4. SELECT the STUDENT SANDBOX USER from the dropdown, then CLICK the IMPERSONATE USER button. CLICK NEXT, once the button is activated.

4.1. SELECT the user's sandbox COURSE from the dropdown, CLICK NEXT.

4.2. SELECT the user's sandbox CLASS name from the dropdown, CLICK NEXT.

4.3. SELECT the user's APP LESSON name from the dropdown, CLICK NEXT.

5. CLICK the SAVE SETTINGS button.

When the user clicks to save settings, there will likely be no indication by the application that the action was executed successfully (i.e. window close or notification banner). If no errors are flagged in the console, the steps was successful and the user can continue.

6. SEARCH for the MOTAR FOLDER generated in your Assets folder after clicking SAVE SETTINGS.

6.1. SELECT the DXCONFIGURATION OBJECT and VERIFY Client ID, Client Secret and environment VARIABLES are correct / reflect what is set in MOTAR Studio.

After creating the DX Configuration asset, users can continue with visual scripting or make calls using the MOTAR static class, both of which are included with the 'Dynepic MOTAR VS' Unity package.

Visual Scripting

Graph Generation

State graph - connect individual actions and values in a specific order. The order of execution is the flow of the script.

If the user is having difficulty editing the graph or finding specific game objects, they should make sure they are: (1) in the Scene variables tab (versus the default Graph variables tab) and (2) not in Play mode.

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