How to Use Mission Planner

Create and manage missions, discover qualified candidates, and assign candidates to positions within MOTAR using Mission Planner.

About this Service

The MOTAR Mission Planner uses AI Plugins to enable USAF unit leaders to discover competencies for mission positions and partially or fully qualified candidates to fill the positions.


The Mission Planner is found by navigating to the Insights service and selecting the "Missions" tab.

The Mission Planner is only accessible by government users that have the Leader role assigned. The Leader role is assigned within the Functional Organization.

Leader Role

Need help assigning roles? See the page here for more information.


View Airman Learning Record (ALR)

From the Assign and Manifest tab of Mission Planner, the Airman Learning Record for each candidate on the Assign tab and assigned user on the Manifest tab can be viewed.

AI Plugins

AI Plugins are published by vendors and are discoverable directly from the MOTAR Hub.

Learn how to use the MOTAR Mission Planner!

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