To assist as they complete each Chapter, users can find supplementary references in the page below. This includes a Unity Hotkeys cheat sheet, key links, key terms/definitions, and a list of FAQs.

If you have any troubles getting setup prior to the event, please reach out to or please attend the Office Hours before MOTAR Lab. We can make sure you are good to go!

Unity Hotkeys

Key Terms and Definitions

GameObject: Every object in the game is a GameObject, from characters and collectible items to lights, cameras and special effects.

Canvas: GameObject used to display any kind of UI inside of the Unity scene.

Hierarchy Window: Displays every GameObject in a Scene, such as models, Cameras, or prefabs.

State Graph: Connects individual actions and values in a specific order. The order of execution is the flow of the script.

Updating your Package

If you need to update the MOTAR SDK Package / other packages found in your project, open Window -> Package Manager. Select the option PACKAGES: IN PROJECT.


Why does my Unity layout look different from the tutorial videos?

Please keep in mind that your Unity layout may need to be adjusted to duplicate actions in the tutorial videos. For example, if a button or variable isn't visible in the Build Settings window, you may need to use your mouse cursor to adjust the window border to increase the height. Similarly, if you are zoomed out too far in the script graph, variable inputs won't be visible.

Users can reference the below link for more details on how to customize their Unity workspace.

I'm new to Visual Scripting and the Graph window - where can I learn more about the different interface properties like Dim, Overview, and Full Screen?

Users can reference the below link for more details about the Visual Scripting interface, to include the Graph window properties:

My Unity project generated a lot of console errors - what should I do?

Don't fret! When developing a project, errors are often inevitable. If you're unsure if the errors generated by your code can be ignored or not, SELECT the CLEAR option from the toolbar in the Unity Console window. This will remove all errors that will not interfere with your program, and only compiler errors will remain (errors that must be addressed, because they will prevent you from entering Play mode).

Users can reference the below link for more details:

In the XR Device Simulator, the keyboard is very difficult to use. Is there a workaround?

Yes! Before entering Play mode, you can type the username into the input field (see example image below) to avoid using the keyboard in the simulator.

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