How to Add App Lesson Module

To add an App Lesson, SELECT the + APP LESSON button.

SEARCH for the desired APP LISTING. Once found, CLICK the SELECT APP button.

Only apps that have been approved by Admin and the Instructor has either created or has permissions to, will appear in the search results.

If the user selects an App that is not MIAB Compatible a modal will be prompted confirming if the user would like to proceed with the selection.

If the Instructor wants to modify their app choice, the SELECT APP button will change to a REMOVE APP button after selection, that can be clicked to remove the app.

When an app has been selected, the ADD APP NAME section will auto-populate with the app’s name, however, the Instructor may INPUT the preferred LESSON NAME for the app module, then CLICK the ADD APP button.

Once added, the Instructor will have the option to ADD CHILD MODULE, EDIT, and DELETE the module. They will also be able to View Permissions, MIAB Compatibility, check for Instructor Graded, lock the module behind requirements, set a time for completion, and set a pass/fail score.

Once a course has been published, any attempts to EDIT MODULES will warn the Instructor that the version is in use by a class. They will be given the option to make a new version of the course or apply changes to an existing class. However, if a student has already completed modules in the course the Instructor will be unable to apply changes and must start a new version of the course to make edits or remove modules.

Make sure to CLICK the DONE button once all desired modules have been added to have them saved to the course.

The modules have now been added to the course. Instructions regarding how to manage module settings and re-arrange module order can be found at the link below:

pageHow to Manage Module Settings

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