How to Report a User

Users can report other users through the MOTAR Portal for platform Administrators to review.

These directions will inform a user on how to submit reports from MOTAR Portal. The first two steps can be skipped if the user submitting the report has already navigated to the offending user’s Portal page by clicking their username from another MOTAR Service.

From MOTAR Portal, SELECT the +ADD button in the COLLEAGUES section.

On the FIND A USER page, SEARCH for the user that you want to report using either their Display Name or @username. CLICK on the user to be directed to the user’s Portal page.

CLICK the ! button next to +CONNECTION.

A modal for REPORT [USERNAME] will prompt. SELECT the REASON for the report and add additional information to the DETAILS text field. CLICK the SEND REPORT button once finished to submit the report for Administrative review. If you do not want to send a report CLICK either the DONE or X buttons to close the report without submitting it.

After report submission, a MOTAR Administrator will be able to review the report and take subsequent action if required to either QUARANTINE or SUSPEND the user.

Quarantined: Quarantined users will be able to log in to MOTAR Services but their permissions will be severely limited.

Suspended: Suspended users will no longer be able to log in to MOTAR Services until MOTAR Administrative action has been taken to reinstate their access.

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