File Type: IPA

How To Load an IPA File To An iOS Mobile Device

Step 1 - Download IPA

LOGIN to MOTAR HUB to view your available applications from your Mac Computer (required).

CLICK on the filter dropdown and select "Apps"

Find the application you wish to download

CLICK on the iOS mobile icon under "Download Options"

You should use your Apple Computer for this download since in Step 2 you will need to sideload it using Apple's XCode software to install it to a mobile device.

Step 2 - Launch Xcode

Step 3 - XCode window

Opening XCode gives you access to the window button, exposing more options/tools Xcode has to offer. Click on devices and simulators.

Once this window is open, connect your device. From there you should be able to see installed application information (note, only development build applications will be listed here)

After you verify your device is connected, click the plus button under the list of installed apps, select your IPA file and continue. From then on XCode will handle the rest! You have now successfully side-loaded an application onto your device.

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