Chapter 7 Part 2 | Configure Unity State Graph

Users will edit the Unity state graph to ensure it is configured to build the app (covered in Chapter 8 of this tutorial).

Unity Hotkeys


Opening State Graph

7.1 An overview of accessing the state graph, navigating the UI, and the purpose of using state graphs.

Explaining Visual Script Structure

7.2 The 3 states(enter, exit, and transition state) for the modules are explained.

Scenes and Variables

7.3 Open the AlienInvasion scene and create the required scene variables.

Hierarchy window - displays every GameObject in a Scene, such as models, cameras, or prefabs.

GameObject - every object in your game is a GameObject, from characters and collectible items to lights, cameras and special effects.

Saving Your Progress

7.4 Save the Unity project periodically throughout the process (CTRL + S).

Starting To Build State Graph Interactions

7.5 The first connection will initiate the progress tracking for the student, unlocking the ability to progress on all the child modules.

Setting Up Login and The Document Module

7.6 Add the variables for the login and document to display for the user.

Canvas - the area that all UI elements should be inside.

Enter fullscreen in the State Graph window by double-clicking in the window or clicking the fullscreen button in the top right corner of the window.

If variables are not showing up in the graph then users should verify they are in the AlienInvasion scene.

Setting Up Event Set Module

7.7 Modify the states in the modules within the event sets to properly track the progress.

Setting Up Investigate UFO Event Set

7.8 Add scene variables to display the UI to investigate the UFO and to trigger the event set.

Setting Up Place Power Cell Event Set

7.9 Add scene variables to display the UI to place the power cells and trigger the event set.

Adding The Assessment Module

7.10 Add the subgraph and canvas scene variables to play through the assessment.

Adding Ending To App

7.11 Adjust the connection for the last module to guarantee the end of the app will run.

Note For App Variables

7.12 Verify the application variables for course name and class name match the names created on MOTAR in an earlier chapter.

Interaction Overview

7.13 Review how the state graph connects the app's progress to the MOTAR course.

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