MOTAR Studio Config

To completely enable Push Notifications inside your app you need to make sure your application on MOTAR Studio is configured correctly.

Make sure your application is setup on the appropriate developer site with push notifications enabled before you proceed.

Keychain Export

After installing your applications development certificate, with push notifications enabled to your keychain. You need to export your private key file to the desktop.

First find the certificate associated with your App ID. Click on it to select the file.

Select your private key, then click File ---> Export Items.

After clicking export items, a menu picture below will pop-up. Make sure your export file type is set to Personal Information Exchange (.p12)

A file should then appear on your desktop with the .p12 extension. This file should then be uploaded under the Push Notifications Configure section of your app on MOTAR Studio. Make sure you have added the required (Push Notification Scope)

After this config is complete your notifications should be ready! Email if you ran into any problems along the way.

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