How to Sync a Device to MOTAR Web

The MOTAR Devices service allows users to sync VR devices.

The following steps use a VR Headset as a device example.

LAUNCH the MOTAR 3D Application in the VR Headset. The following modal will be displayed with an 8-digit sync code.

The Sync Code will expire if the following steps are not completed in the allotted time. The time remaining is displayed below the 8-digit sync code in the VR Headset modal.

On a computer, LOGIN to the MOTAR DEVICES Service from a preferred browser window. The page can be accessed using the link below or by selecting DEVICES from the MOTAR Services dropdown menu.

ENTER the SYNC CODE that is displayed in the VR Headset into the ENTER SYNC CODE FROM DEVICE field and CLICK the SYNC DEVICE button

A confirmation will be displayed confirming the device was synced successfully. CLICK the DONE button and return to the VR Headset.

If the VR Headset is not synced successfully, an error message will be displayed. The user may either CLICK the TRY AGAIN button to be returned to the MOTAR DEVICES screen.

In the VR Headset, a confirmation message will be displayed confirming the device was synced successfully.

After a device has been synced, the user must create a PIN code. The code will be required every time the synced device is used. Full instructions can be found at the link below

pageHow to Manage Device PIN Codes (Beta)

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