How to Manage Course Objectives

Course Objectives are created by the course manager, allowing them to link course modules to objectives.

Course Objectives have exposed APIs, this allows Virtual Instructors / AI Programs to query at any time to track student proficiency.

Available API calls include: GetCourseObjectives and GetCourseObjectivesPerformance


As a course manager, users can create new objectives on the tab shown below.

CLICK the EDIT OBJECTIVES button to display this UI showing the objectives list and the ADD OBJECTIVES button.

By selecting ADD OBJECTIVE button, the user can create a new objective by providing the following:

  • Objective Number

  • Objective Title

  • Description (optional)

  • Badge Name

  • Badge Level (defaults to General)

  • Tagging

After creating the course objective, it will show in a list under the COURSE OBJECTIVEES. The objective will also show on the COURSE SUMMARY found under the DONE button.

The objective then needs to be linked to a module. Users can search for the module in the space that says TYPE TO ADD LINKS and SELECT the module that should be associated to the objective.

CLICK the DONE button to confirm all changes made to the course objective.


As a course manager, users can edit any course objectives created if the students have not recorded results. If students have already recorded results then a new version of the course will need to be created to edit the course objectives.

To edit an existing objective, SELECT the EDIT OBJECTIVES button on the OBJECTIVES tab. From here, a course manager can select the EDIT PENCIL button to edit an objective.

After selecting the SAVE button, the user will see the changes reflected in the course objective list. While editing objectives, users can also add/remove Linked Modules and add more objectives using the ADD OBJECTIVES button.


As an instructor, users have the option to delete the course objectives while editing. This can be done by clicking on the X button found to the right of the EDIT PENCIL button.

The user will be prompted to confirm their action before the objective will be deleted. After selecting CONFIRM, the user will see the change reflected in the course objective list.

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