How to Preview Course

Once created, courses can be previewed by Course Managers and Instructors in MOTAR Training.

To start, SELECT the desired course from the COURSES TAB in MOTAR Training.

From the Course Banner, SELECT the PREVIEW COURSE button.

At least one class needs to be added to a course for the PREVIEW COURSE button to be accessible by the Course Managers and Instructors. Once a class is added, courses will be able to be previewed before and after publishing

The user will be brought to a preview of the Course Overview. SELECT the CONTINUE THIS COURSE button.

The user will be brought to the Course Preview. This is the view students will see when accessing the CONTINUE THIS COURSE button when assigned the course in MOTAR Training. From here the user will be able to SELECT any of the modules added to the course for a preview.

The modules will follow the flow established when added to the course. If a module has been LOCKED, requiring the completion of prior modules to access or other prerequisites, it will work the same in the preview.

For user convenience in the preview, a toggle has been included to LOCK/UNLOCK modules so they can be checked individually without having to complete the entire course flow to access

At any time the user may EXIT the Course Preview by selecting the EXIT PREVIEW button which will return the user to the main course page.

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