MOTAR Hub Release Guidelines

MOTAR Hub Release Guidelines:

  • Applications need to use a MOTAR Fastlane to build, scan, and deploy to a production environment

  • MOTAR authentication is required for your app to run and cannot be bypassed

    • See Unity SDK authentication here

    • See iOS SDK authentication here

    • See WebApp authentication here

  • The application should not store user data beyond the persistent User ID

    • Example - Your app cannot store the users Full Name, email, user handle (user name), etc. This data should be accessed when called and not persist.

  • The application should not make any external internet calls outside of Dynepic's APIs and endpoints to function

    • If external calls are required, your application may require special evaluation for approval. If approved it will appear on the MOTAR platform with 'Not MOTAR-In-A-Box (MIAB) Compatible' and 'this app may collect and store data outside the MOTAR Platform' markings

  • The application should use MOTAR user roles appropriately (instructor, student, etc.)

  • If the application uses MOTAR Hub content, it must respect the MOTAR Permissions Table and ensure content cannot be accessed, used, or further distributed by unauthorized users

  • If the application produces content on the MOTAR platform or new derivative or remixed content, it must be integrated into the MOTAR Digital Thread Version Control System and allow the content contributor to run the MOTAR Permissions Wizard to assign the permissions as well tag the appropriate attributions (e.g. assets used)

  • If this is an XR application, your application must be designed to work with the MOTAR 3D application for installation and auto-authentication.

  • Applications should load and run consistently

  • Ensure the permissions wizard has been filled out correctly to allow (or restrict) access to your application accordingly

  • Review your app listing and ensure all information and metadata are complete, accurate, and free of placeholder information. (e.g., preview images, download options, installation instructions)

  • Hub Listing should provide comprehensive instructions, including detailed explanations of non-obvious features, as well as any specifics that may be needed to utilize your applications, e.g., hardware requirements, etc.

Detailed information on the MOTAR Fastlane - Rapid App Deployment can be found at the link below:

pageAbout MOTAR Fastlane - Rapid App Deployment

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