MOTAR Training Sandbox

The MOTAR Sandbox is a MOTAR test environment used by MOTAR Studio users to test and debug application or training scenario that use the MOTAR Training scope.


Create a Sandbox User & Assign Instructor Permissions

You will use a sandbox user who has instructor permissions to log in to MOTAR sandbox.
See steps here on how to create a sandbox user for your app with the proper permissions.

Login to MOTAR Sandbox

Login to MOTAR Sandbox ( with the sandbox user created above with instructor permissions.

Debug Using MOTAR Sandbox

You can quickly create mock courses, add your app to lessons, and verify student learning data is being properly reported.

Course Creator

To start creating mock data click on the courses tab. Click the "Create New Course" to trigger the flow shown below:

Step 1: Click 'Create New Course'

Step 2: Populate required course data

Step 3: Setup the course & add modules

By default your MOTAR Course will be "Unpublished", this course status hides content from students.
  • A course can include multiple content types including six different module types, multiple levels, objectives, and additional training material explore them all before publishing your course.
    • Utilize the sandbox environment to interact with test data before publishing a production application.
Find more information about building a course here.

Create a Class

Create a class by clicking on the 'Classes' button below the course title and description data.
From here click the 'Create New Class' button and enter the required class data shown below.
After creating the class, select the Users tab to assign students to the class.
Find students that can be assigned to the Training Sandbox course from Sandbox Users in MOTAR Studio.