How To Set Listing Permissions

This page details how you can control your listing content (apps, models, etc.) to ensure you are in control of your Intellectual Property.

About the Permissions Wizard

MOTAR'S Permissions Wizard is a tool provided in MOTAR Studio to control the discovery, use, and modify permissions of your content.
A content contributor will run Content Sharing Wizard at the end of a content upload flow. Permissions set during this flow will determine who can: Discover, Download, Use, Distribute and Modify the content shared to MOTAR.
Not only can you set original permissions but you can modify permissions and set fine grain permissions down to the individual user or organization level.

Permissions Breakdown

Discover in MOTAR
Discover permissions allow you to view the listing details page.
Example: If this listing is an application, this permission also gives the right to search for the application on Training: Coarse Creator and link it as a module on a course.
Download from MOTAR
Download permissions allow you to download a listing.
Example: If the listing is a model, you may view the asset. Note that you are NOT allowed to use the model, object, or application unless you have ‘use’ permission.
Use on MOTAR
Use permissions give rights to ‘use, display and include’ this listing.
Example: If the listing is a model, this allows you to use it in your applications. If the listing is an application, it provides permission for you to launch, use, and log into the application.
Distribute in MOTAR
Distribute permissions allow you to ‘use, display and include’ the listing in other published listings in MOTAR, created by the downloader account.
Example: If the listing is a 3D Model, you may use and publish that asset without any modification to MOTAR so long as the original creator and listing are credited.
Modify Remix for MOTAR
Modify permissions allows rights to make derivatives, modifications, and alterations on this listing and furthermore ‘use, display and include’ this altered version in other listings published in MOTAR. The original Creator’s account must be credited on the listing page.
Example: If the listing is a model, the 'modify' permission allows you to modify the model and use the modified model in your application or publish the modified model back into the Hub so long as the original creator and listing are credited.

Distribution Statements

As a vendor, you will set the permissions mentioned above based on what distribution statement you choose. The statements selected determine what permissions are best for your content.
As a government user, you can set distribution statements for your content.
Distribution Statement
Distribution Statement A
Approved for public release: distribution unlimited.
Distribution Statement B
Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies.
Distribution Statement C
Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors.
Distribution Statement D
Distribution authorized to Department of Defense and U.S D.o.D contractors.
Distribution Statement E
Distribution authorized to Department of Defense.
Distribution Statement F
Further dissemination only as directed.
Not Applicable
Only select this option if the information you are uploading is not Technical/STINFO. Distribution Statements are not applicable to this content. Permissions will be set manually.


Modify Remix for MOTAR - does this mean I am modifying the existing content and overwriting it, or will this create a new listing?
When a user remix's an asset from MOTAR a new listing is created acknowledging the original vendor.
Distribute in MOTAR vs Use on MOTAR - does distribute mean I can use this content within content that I might publish?
Yes, with distribute permissions in MOTAR, the user is able to use the content within content that could be published on the MOTAR Platform.