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MOTAR Access

This page provides details on the Authorization to Operate (ATO) for MOTAR and how content activated on MOTAR can leverage the ATO.

Do I have to use a CAC to access MOTAR?

No, you do not need a CAC to access MOTAR. To access MOTAR you can use your assigned MOTAR username provided to you in your “Welcome to MOTAR” introduction email.

How do I authenticate to MOTAR?

You can authenticate using a username and password or CAC to the MOTAR platform. To login with your CAC within MOTAR, sign in with your CAC and it will direct you on how to associate it with you current MOTAR account or if you don't have an account, it will ask for you to request one.

Can I access MOTAR from NIPRNet?

Yes, you can access MOTAR on the NIPRNet. Any third-party windows that require access during your lesson may be blocked by your base communications team. Please contact them for any exceptions to policy if this issue arises.

Who do I talk to about using MOTAR?

If you are requesting support for MOTAR please reach out to the Dynepic team at:
As for conversations outside of the support scope, you can still reach out to the Dynepic team at any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions. Current users are also a great resource to gain insight into the platform. You will be able to use the chat feature within MOTAR to communicate with other users.

Is there a fee to use MOTAR?

For USAF Government users accessing our unclassified MOTAR Staging platform, there is no fee associated with your account or usage, as the United States Air Force has covered the costs of accounts being created. USAF Government users wishing to utilize our MOTAR Live IL4 Platform will be required to pay for a license based on the level of support required and features you wish to have access to. Pricing for corporate vendors is also based on the level of support required and applicable features. These pricing structures are applicable to both MOTAR Live and MOTAR Staging. Vendors must have an active USAF contract for one of the available MOTAR licenses, the cost of which can be applied to your existing contract. Our pricing sheets can be found here. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]