MOTAR Platform Overview

Powering an open ecosystem for training in the US Military.
MOTAR received an Authorization to Operate (ATO) through AETC in July 2023.
MOTAR.AF.MIL is approved for Impact Level 4 (IL4) data, to include a process to deliver third party content (apps, lessons, AI, etc.) and deliver courses to VR headsets.
The MOTAR Live (IL4) environment is open at HTTPS://MOTAR.AF.MIL through a NIPR connection. WWW access is coming soon.


The Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports (MOTAR) platform is the USAF’s exclusive white-label of Dynepic’s DX Platform. MOTAR has all the platform services needed to power immersive training in a secure & open ecosystem with full identity and data management.


Service Breakdown & List

MOTAR features 10 enterprise services that work seamlessly across the platform and through the open APIs/SDKs for XR companies to take advantage of in their applications and training experiences.