Create & Manage a Community

Create a Community!

SELECT "Communities" from the Studio left navigation menu
CLICK "Add Community"
FILL OUT the Information about the organization that will be managing the Community
With your organization created, it is time to create your Community!
CLICK on the "Add" button directly below your Community Profile Picture.
The popup pictured below will appear.
FILL OUT the information on your community.
After creating your community, SELECT your community.
CLICK the "Edit" button (pencil icon).
From the options menu, CLICK on "Edit Profile."
IMPORTANT: Your community is not automatically live after creation.
CLICK "Active" to make it live
CLICK "Submit Profile"
At this point, an admin will need to approve it.
EMAIL [email protected] to request approval if you do not have a MOTAR Admin account.
APPROVAL REQUIRED: Your community will require approval by a platform admin before it will be shown on MOTAR Portal.