MOTAR Devices

About this Service

MOTAR Devices allows users to sync a VR device to their MOTAR account. Once the initial sync is complete, the user will create a pin code to simplify authentication of the synced headset during future uses.

First Time User Experience

When they visit the Devices service for the first time, the user will be shown a pop-up that walks them through the features within Devices. At any point the user can exit out of this tutorial window by CLICKING the X in the top right corner or skip the tutorial by CLICKING the SKIP button. The tutorial can be revisited by CLICKING the question mark icon in the top navigation bar and SELECTING the TUTORIALS FOR DEVICES .


The MOTAR Devices service is available to USAF personnel (Gov) and 3rd party vendors/contractors.
Foreign Users do not have access to MOTAR Devices


  • Sync VR Device to MOTAR account
  • Create a unique PIN code to easily authenticate synced VR headset
  • Reset a forgotten PIN code or change an existing code
Last modified 2mo ago