Developer FAQs

What services does MOTAR offer?

To see a full list of current and upcoming services, check out the MOTAR Services page.

What can I expect in the future with MOTAR?

Check out our Product Roadmap to learn what we have planned for the future of MOTAR!

How do I start building my app?

If you already understand MOTAR Studio head over here to get started, otherwise check out Studio to learn the basics first.

How do users login to my app using MOTAR?

MOTAR is a full indentity management service. You can implement the MOTAR Single Sign On (SSO) into your application. It will allows users to login with their MOTAR account credentials and CAC (Summer 2021). Brand guidelines for the MOTAR login can be seen here.
Auto-Login: Note that students don't have to login when they launch your application from a course. See here for information on how to auto-authenticate a student.
Check out the Authentication page under API to learn how to authenticate a MOTAR user in a 3rd party app.

How do I distribute my app?

Head over to Distribute Your First App to learn how!

Why am I getting an error code?

The Error Codes page under API walks through the various error codes a developer may encounter and possible causes for each.

Who can see my published application and content?

You can control who sees your app or content. You can release using restricted sharing.
Content published without restricted access is accessible on MOTAR Hub. At this time, MOTAR Hub is only visible by U.S. Government accounts and Dynepic internal staff.
In July 2021, MOTAR's Permissions Wizard will allow contributors to choose who can Discover, Download, Use, Distribute, and Modify their content. At that time, the MOTAR Hub will be opened for all account types but they will only be able to see and access what they are allowed to by the Permissions Wizard.

How to Reset Student Statistics

Disenroll and re-enroll a student in a course to reset their statistics for testing. Select the student from the assigned course on the instructor dashboard. From the dropdown to the right of the student's name, select Disenroll. Details on enrolling students in a course can be found here.