Instructor Dashboard

The MOTAR Instructor Dashboard requires "Instructor" permissions set by a MOTAR Admin

Instructor Dashboard

As an instructor, this is your main dashboard to view course and student stats. When logged in as an Instructor, the training cube in the top navigation is green (as a student it is blue).

From the Instructor Training Page users can:

  • View their retrospective learning dashboard

  • Instructors can also:

    • Instruct Classes

    • View real-time student progression

    • Review student performance

    • Grade “Instructor-graded” lessons

    • Launch and execute “hands-on” lessons

    • Can view student’s performance dashboard

    • Can view student notes

    • Can add Instructor notes

  • Can transfer, dis-enroll, or suspend students

  • Can change a student’s completion date for a class

  • Can toggle to your personal student dashboard

  • Access Quick Links to:

    • Create a course

    • Create an AVR Lesson

  • Create reports of chosen class and student performance metrics

Class Task Performance

Comparison view of Student Module Performance by Module and Level

As an instructor, this is your main dashboard to view the courses.

You will have access to this if you are:

  • A course manager of a course

  • An assigned instructor of one or more classes of a course, or

  • An assigned observer of one or more classes of a course

Class Task performance can be seen when selecting a course from the drop-down menu from the Instructor Dashboard. Instructors can also view how students perform relative to each other in a class or on an individual basis.

Student’s individual progress and placement

Module Library

Individual modules within each class level quickly allow instructors to see how students perform and if they are on time, ahead of schedule, or behind. Below are the icons used to reference different types of modules.


Individual objectives within each class allow instructors to tie lesson modules to learning objectives to track student progress.

Additional Training Material

Additional training material can be uploaded for student review as a document or link.

Uploaded training materials appear in this list form with a launch button for students.


Instructors can create two types of classes, a traditional class with a start and end date:

A rolling access class set days from student start.


As an instructor, I can view the Users tab, here I can see a breakdown of different user-types found in the course.

xAPI Deletion

As an instructor, I can view a user-details page by selecting a student in my course class. Below is an example of an auto-reported statement after this user viewed a video module. The instructor "joshua-dev" deleted a statement.

When clicking edit to begin the deletion this pop-up will confirm the action with the instructor.

After clicking confirm you will see an "X" next to the xAPI statement. When this UI is pressed it will present another confirm action modal. After confirming the xAPI statement will update to say "17:10:59 User @instructor account deleted a statement."

Course Managers

As an instructor, I can add a Course Manager to the course I am instructing. Course managers can do almost every instructor-level function.

Instructor View of Student Dashboard

Clicking a student on the main dashboard will allow an Instructor to view the Student's detailed performance dashboard.

An Instructor can view xAPI data reported to a module, as well as assessment data on a question by question level.



    • Create a course

      • Add students to a course

      • Create course content through learning modules

      • Edit course details


Instructors can generate reports of student progress on the reports page pictured below.

User-created reports will export as a .csv file.

Reports Home

When creating a report the user will be required to select a course. The select course section will display courses where the user holds the following permissions: instructor or observer .

After selecting a course clickNEXT to move on. The next step is class selection, the UI below will show all classes found in the users selected course.

The instructor has two export options for class information "Select all Students" or Select Individual Students"

After clicking next the user will be pushed to the STUDENTS ui shown below.

The dropdown shown allows the user to choose between exporting all attempts, first attempt or last attempt from selected modules.

After downloading the completed report, the user will now see the report listed under Report Home